Red Cliff pt 1 and 2

Red Cliff is a two part war epic that last nearly five hours. Set in China during the samurai period it’s full of swords and spears and horses and illnesses that got cured like 100 years ago. Follow the exploits of people with names I cannot pronounce let alone spell as they fight against some dick head bloke who wants to kill em all. I really enjoyed this film because it featured proper loads of killings and boats got set on fire and stuff but it was hard to follow at times because it was all in foreign. NEWS FLASH HOLLYWOOD. If I wanted to read I’d buy a Harry Potter book and not watch a film. But apart from that it was very entertaining. Part 1 was like the build up to the big fight scene and it showed how the main baddie killed people and was an all round dick bag. Then part two was like the full battle and the good looking china guy called upon the power of the wind and burned everyone. Apparently it is based on some well old battle so I like the fact that it was historically real. Overall I give both parts a WELL NICE/10. It would have scored higher if the China people spoke in English, because let’s face it English is a better language. I would also have liked it more if it was set during the Battle of Hastings, which is my favourite battle ever because we beat the Germans.