The Ajustment Bureua

Starring Matt Damon of Matt Damon fame, Emily ‘Woman on a Train’ Blunt and loads of fedora wearing hipster weirdos comes the mind bending Kafkaesque Adjustment Bureau. Follow politician Matt as he loses an election because he showed his bottom once and then gets captured by some blokes who can adjust your brain. A bureau of adjustments if you will. 3 YEARS LATER. Matt can’t find Emily Blunt and is like proper well sad but then he spots her from a bus (which is a bit like the plot of Woman on a Train) and gets bare happy but the hat men are very angry BECAUSE IT DOESN’T FOLLOW THEIR PLANS and they’re like angles serving god or summat weird. There’s a nice scene when Matt and Emily have sex (but it doesn’t show any rude bits) and then an old hat man stands over their snoozing bodies which was proper creepy.  Then they split up again. 11 MONTHS LATER.  Matt is determined to win the girl of his dreams so he sides with a hat man who cares and uses the power of the hat to travel through doors a bit like that scene in The Matrix with the doors, but The Matrix was a hatless affair. What follows is loads of scenes of a hatless Matt Damon running in the rain whilst some nice music plays in the background and the naughty hat men chase him using their magic pads of paper. It is an exhilarating scene and I thought it was really well made with some well good meez-en-sen. (My friend told me about this and it’s like a proper technical term that real film review guys use so it will make my reviews look more nicer). Near the end of the film Matt turns a door handle the other way and ends up inside Hatland. I didn’t properly understand the ending but The Chairman (who it does not show) who is probably god goes YOLO and lets Matt and Emily stay together which is nice for them. Overall I give this film a WELL NICE/10 because Matt Damon looked cool in a hat and because it reminded me a bit of a Frank Kafka book I read and I’m dead clever when it comes to reading books. It would have got a higher score if they had given Emily Blunt a hat as well but you can’t have everything in life. I would like a nice hat.