Most Favourite Actors: Pt 1

In this new series I am not doing reviews but I will do about my best actors in the world. For part 1 I am going to write about Van Diesel the action film actor.

Van has been in some of my most nicest films I have ever seen. He first came to being famous in Saving Private Ryan in which he played a soldier who gets shot so I don’t really care about this film. Probably his first big acting role was in the very scary film Pitch Black in which he plays the strong man Riddick who has to kill some aliens using his shiny see in the dark eyes. I really really love Pitch Black because it is violent.

Then he became super famous in the Fast and the Furious by playing a total bad boy street racer who drives fast cars. He was also in Fast and Furious 4, 5, 6 and 7 and was still a bad boy but they were more like heist kind of driving films but I still loved them. Oh and he was right at the very end of the excellent Tokyo Drift which was in Japan. It is a shame he was not in 2 Fast and Furious though because that was my best in the series because Tyrele Gibson is a cheeky driver.

As well as playing Riddick again in two more films in the series which were both really nice but Chronicles of Riddick is nicer, he showed how much of a diverse actor he truly is by starring in the hilarious film the Pacifier in which he pretends to be a nanny and has to stop some naughty spies from stealing a baby. It made me laugh proper lots and reminded me of Arnold Sworzanegger in Kindergarten Cop which is one of my favourite comedies ever.

Van has also been in some films I haven’t seen and some that I have seen but aren’t as famous. He also played a Tree in Gardens of the Galaxy and was a very angry tree and turned into a baby tree in the end. I liked baby dancing Groot and my mum bought me a bobblyhead of it for Christmas. So that was well nice of her.

If I had to pick my top 5 nicest Van Diesel films in no order I’d pick, Fast and Furious 5, The Pacifier, Chronicles of Riddick, Fast and Furious 1, Gardens of the Galaxy and Tokyo Drift because of his bit at the end. The worst film he has been in was Saving Private Ryan though.

Thank you for reading about my nicest actors. Part 2 will be about Jason Station.


Harry Potter Episode 2

If you liked the first Harry Potter film then you might like this one as well. Even though it’s the most not nice in the series. Return to Hogwarts with Harry and the gang and meet new characters like the cheeky little gremlin thing Dobby who loves to drop cake on people and loves socks (he’d be happy at Christmas time if my boring mum gave him socks for a present) and the heroic Professor Lockhart aka the best thing about the film. I don’t like this film as much as the first one because even though Lockhart is very nice and Lucius Malfoy is not nice and very nice at the same time it just felt a bit rubbish. The book of the film that JK Rowling wroted after this film was also the most not nice in the series. The plot was a bit weird as well because a diary or summat was controlling a big snake and making people into stone like a medusa and Hermione got stoned and Harry had to kill the diary. Other than that not much really happened except Harry learns a nice new important spell and there is a bit with Harry and Ron in a flying car which was pretty neat. Oh my mum just told me that the diary was owned by Voldemort and that’s why it was evil and it will be an important plot point in the later films. Thanks mum. All in all I give this film a MEDIUM NICE/10. It might have got lower but it had a well nice song for Fawkes the pheenix so that was nice.

Harry Potter Episode 1

The first film in the very popular Harry Potter series is also known as The Philsopholers Stone or Sorcerers Stone because that’s easier to say and spell. Journey away from the land of muggles into the weird a wonderful world of Potterville. Meet iconic characters like YOU ARE A WIZARD HARRY, the cute Hermione and Ginger Ron Weasley. In this film Harry goes to wizard school and meets some nice people and some not nice people like Professor Snape and Malfoy. There’s also an extremely very not nice bloke called Voldemort who tried to kill Harry but couldn’t because of love or summat and he is in the back of a blokes head and tries to get the sorcerers stone to come out of the back of the head. SPOILERS. I really enjoyed this film more than the books because films are easier to watch than books are. It has some real nice acting by all the english actors and some hilariously young acting from the kids but they do kind of get better by episode 5 or so. The scenery made me feel like I was actually in Hogwarts and actually taking charms class which was nice. I have spoken to a lot of people about this film and a lot of them say it is a bit not nicer compared to the later films but I like this film anyway. All in all I’ll give this film a WELL NICE/10 because I liked the broomstick football game. It could probably have got a higher score if it had some swearing and some killings in it like Game of Thrones apparently has, but I’m not allowed to watch Game of Thrones because my mum says it has nudey people in it and that’s rude. Oh well.

Star Wars Rouge One

Once upon a time in a universe far away someone had to stop the Death Star being built. Star Wars Rouge One is the story of a real nice band of rebels that got given a well hard task. Featuring the cutey Jane Also, a proper dashing but well boring Han Solo type guy, a blind asian bloke and his none blind friend who is also asian, a proper cheeky but dead strong robot person and some of the best CGI people this side of Mos Eisley. In the film there are lots of big explosions and some very nicely done spaceship fights in space which got me proper excited. I have been a fan of Star Wars for ages since I first saw the Force Awakens on DVD and this film is easily the fifth best of the trilogy behind the Force Awakens, the Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. I like this film because it is new though. Oh, I forgot that Dark Vader is in this film for a bit and he gets like proper well angry and kills some rebels so I think this is my third best Star Wars film. I rate it WELL NICE/10. It could have scored higher if it had included a more hilarious character like Jar Jar Binks in it because he was a good toy for the kids and the robot will not be as nice a toy as Jar Jar Binks.

PS – Why did it not have the scrolling text wall at the start like the other films? Is this not a proper Star Wars film? I am.


Drive is a film about the hunky Ryan Gosling and in it he drives. He doesn’t really say a lot of words but looks broody and handsome a lot. He does a mission and it goes wrong and then people try and kill him. He gets real angry at one point and stomps and stomps on a mans head. I think the man dies because he stomped on his head a real lot of times. There is this woman he likes but I don’t think he has sex with her. Or if he does it doesn’t show any willy going in. At the end Ryan Gosling gets stabbed but it doesn’t make it clear if he dies or not. Then he drives off into the sunset and some very nice music plays. My only problem is that it is called Drive but there’s not as much driving as in The Fast and the Furious films featuring Vin Diesel. I think a better name would have been ‘Ryan Gosling is very handsome and likes to stamp on people’ I give it a WELL NICE/10 though. It would have gotten higher if it showed Ryan Gosling making sex with the woman, but Hollywood is not ready for scenes of those graphic natures quite yet.

The Social Network

The Social Network is a nice film about a lad called Mark who is well good at computers. One day his girlfriend leaves him and he gets drunk and face mashes people or summat which sounds painful. Some blokes who look identical and are probably twins now that I think about it  (and a third non-twin) ask him to make them a nice website but Mark is like nah lads and makes a website of his own called THEFACEBOOK. It becomes well popular in the world and his mate who is a Jew falls out with him and sues him and so does the twins and other lad for $5000000000000000000 or around that amount. Mark is also friends with Justin Timberland the singer, but he’s playing another character who made Mapstar website for getting music. In the end Mark who is less nicer but still nice has to give some of his money to them but still has loads left. I thought it was a nice fun film even though it’s just a made up story. I’ll give it  WELL NICE/10 but it could have scored higher if it had nudey ladies or nudey Justin (because Justin is proper dishy).


Hi, my name is Danny and this is my blog about films that I’ve watched and what I think of them.

There will be some nice films and some not nice films. Some will be WELL NICE/10 and others might only be a 9/10 or an 8/10 or a 7/10 and so on down to NOT NICE/TEN.

If you are reading this then you must be pretty nice as well. So thanks.

Love Danny.