John Wick 2

(Woah, Spoilers)

John Wick 1 was a well nice action film from a few years or so back that featured an angry Keenwa Reeves doing bare killings because someone killed his dog (which was horrid) and stoled his car. This new film is the sequel to the first John Wick and I just watched it at the movies. In this film John has to do an assassination on a woman because an Italian guy ask him to and blows up his house in a mega big explosion. Fortunately his new dog does not die because I would have left the cinema. So John goes to Italy and the woman kills herself in the bath because of some reasons. John then gets double crossed by the bloke and a contract for £7 pounds put on him. He has to fight off loads of shit assassins when he gets back to America and kills two of them with a pencil which was like a proper sick killings. Then he meets Morphio from the Matrix and goes to an art show to kill the Italian. He does more sick killings on the beard unit and then kills a deaf girl. I missed that bit because I needed to do the toilet. It ends with him shooting the Italian right in the head in a hotel and then getting excomunicanded by the hotel owner because shooting people is only acceptable in a Premier Inn and not in a nice hotel. Then right at the very end John has to run because now the whole world wants him dead. Overall I really enjoyed this film because it has some sick killings in it and some good karate chops and punches, so I will give it a WELL NICE/10. It could have scored higher if it had shown the lady fully nude before she killed herself and if there was some high flying Matrix style stuff in it.


Author: wellnicefilms

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