Source Code

Source Code is a very nice film about the rather dashing Jake Gillinghall being on a train but it’s a good film unlike the Emily Blunt film probably is about a girl on a train. In the film Jake has to try and stop a bomb being blowed up and killing well loads of people by being on a train that blows up and keeps blowing up. To do this he enters the matrix or summat similar and goes back in time like in that hunky Tom Cruise film Live Die Repeat which also stars Emily Blunt. PLOT TWIST. HE’S A HEAD IN A BOX. I think. Near the end he saves a girl who he fancies and she lives with him in the source code, so that was nice for him. All in all this was a well written film and confusing but Jake is a nice looking bloke even as a head, so I’ll give it a WELL NICE/10. It could have got a higher score but it hurt my head and made me feel like a head in a box at times.


Author: wellnicefilms

Films are nice

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