Most Favourite Actors: Pt 1

In this new series I am not doing reviews but I will do about my best actors in the world. For part 1 I am going to write about Van Diesel the action film actor.

Van has been in some of my most nicest films I have ever seen. He first came to being famous in Saving Private Ryan in which he played a soldier who gets shot so I don’t really care about this film. Probably his first big acting role was in the very scary film Pitch Black in which he plays the strong man Riddick who has to kill some aliens using his shiny see in the dark eyes. I really really love Pitch Black because it is violent.

Then he became super famous in the Fast and the Furious by playing a total bad boy street racer who drives fast cars. He was also in Fast and Furious 4, 5, 6 and 7 and was still a bad boy but they were more like heist kind of driving films but I still loved them. Oh and he was right at the very end of the excellent Tokyo Drift which was in Japan. It is a shame he was not in 2 Fast and Furious though because that was my best in the series because Tyrele Gibson is a cheeky driver.

As well as playing Riddick again in two more films in the series which were both really nice but Chronicles of Riddick is nicer, he showed how much of a diverse actor he truly is by starring in the hilarious film the Pacifier in which he pretends to be a nanny and has to stop some naughty spies from stealing a baby. It made me laugh proper lots and reminded me of Arnold Sworzanegger in Kindergarten Cop which is one of my favourite comedies ever.

Van has also been in some films I haven’t seen and some that I have seen but aren’t as famous. He also played a Tree in Gardens of the Galaxy and was a very angry tree and turned into a baby tree in the end. I liked baby dancing Groot and my mum bought me a bobblyhead of it for Christmas. So that was well nice of her.

If I had to pick my top 5 nicest Van Diesel films in no order I’d pick, Fast and Furious 5, The Pacifier, Chronicles of Riddick, Fast and Furious 1, Gardens of the Galaxy and Tokyo Drift because of his bit at the end. The worst film he has been in was Saving Private Ryan though.

Thank you for reading about my nicest actors. Part 2 will be about Jason Station.


Author: wellnicefilms

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