Harry Potter Episode 2

If you liked the first Harry Potter film then you might like this one as well. Even though it’s the most not nice in the series. Return to Hogwarts with Harry and the gang and meet new characters like the cheeky little gremlin thing Dobby who loves to drop cake on people and loves socks (he’d be happy at Christmas time if my boring mum gave him socks for a present) and the heroic Professor Lockhart aka the best thing about the film. I don’t like this film as much as the first one because even though Lockhart is very nice and Lucius Malfoy is not nice and very nice at the same time it just felt a bit rubbish. The book of the film that JK Rowling wroted after this film was also the most not nice in the series. The plot was a bit weird as well because a diary or summat was controlling a big snake and making people into stone like a medusa and Hermione got stoned and Harry had to kill the diary. Other than that not much really happened except Harry learns a nice new important spell and there is a bit with Harry and Ron in a flying car which was pretty neat. Oh my mum just told me that the diary was owned by Voldemort and that’s why it was evil and it will be an important plot point in the later films. Thanks mum. All in all I give this film a MEDIUM NICE/10. It might have got lower but it had a well nice song for Fawkes the pheenix so that was nice.


Author: wellnicefilms

Films are nice

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