Harry Potter Episode 1

The first film in the very popular Harry Potter series is also known as The Philsopholers Stone or Sorcerers Stone because that’s easier to say and spell. Journey away from the land of muggles into the weird a wonderful world of Potterville. Meet iconic characters like YOU ARE A WIZARD HARRY, the cute Hermione and Ginger Ron Weasley. In this film Harry goes to wizard school and meets some nice people and some not nice people like Professor Snape and Malfoy. There’s also an extremely very not nice bloke called Voldemort who tried to kill Harry but couldn’t because of love or summat and he is in the back of a blokes head and tries to get the sorcerers stone to come out of the back of the head. SPOILERS. I really enjoyed this film more than the books because films are easier to watch than books are. It has some real nice acting by all the english actors and some hilariously young acting from the kids but they do kind of get better by episode 5 or so. The scenery made me feel like I was actually in Hogwarts and actually taking charms class which was nice. I have spoken to a lot of people about this film and a lot of them say it is a bit not nicer compared to the later films but I like this film anyway. All in all I’ll give this film a WELL NICE/10 because I liked the broomstick football game. It could probably have got a higher score if it had some swearing and some killings in it like Game of Thrones apparently has, but I’m not allowed to watch Game of Thrones because my mum says it has nudey people in it and that’s rude. Oh well.


Author: wellnicefilms

Films are nice

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