The Social Network

The Social Network is a nice film about a lad called Mark who is well good at computers. One day his girlfriend leaves him and he gets drunk and face mashes people or summat which sounds painful. Some blokes who look identical and are probably twins now that I think about it  (and a third non-twin) ask him to make them a nice website but Mark is like nah lads and makes a website of his own called THEFACEBOOK. It becomes well popular in the world and his mate who is a Jew falls out with him and sues him and so does the twins and other lad for $5000000000000000000 or around that amount. Mark is also friends with Justin Timberland the singer, but he’s playing another character who made Mapstar website for getting music. In the end Mark who is less nicer but still nice has to give some of his money to them but still has loads left. I thought it was a nice fun film even though it’s just a made up story. I’ll give it  WELL NICE/10 but it could have scored higher if it had nudey ladies or nudey Justin (because Justin is proper dishy).


Author: wellnicefilms

Films are nice

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