Drive is a film about the hunky Ryan Gosling and in it he drives. He doesn’t really say a lot of words but looks broody and handsome a lot. He does a mission and it goes wrong and then people try and kill him. He gets real angry at one point and stomps and stomps on a mans head. I think the man dies because he stomped on his head a real lot of times. There is this woman he likes but I don’t think he has sex with her. Or if he does it doesn’t show any willy going in. At the end Ryan Gosling gets stabbed but it doesn’t make it clear if he dies or not. Then he drives off into the sunset and some very nice music plays. My only problem is that it is called Drive but there’s not as much driving as in The Fast and the Furious films featuring Vin Diesel. I think a better name would have been ‘Ryan Gosling is very handsome and likes to stamp on people’ I give it a WELL NICE/10 though. It would have gotten higher if it showed Ryan Gosling making sex with the woman, but Hollywood is not ready for scenes of those graphic natures quite yet.


Author: wellnicefilms

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